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In case you’re curious about what we have on tap, we’ve got you covered!



Idaho® Potato Ale
IPA 6.7% ABV 72 IBU

This IPA style is proudly made with the addition of actual Idaho® Russet Potatoes! We use them and specialty hops to make this brew unique, flavorful, and not overly bitter but well balanced and drinkable. It is another great way to enjoy Idaho's staple...in a pint!

Bearfaced Brown
Honey-Nut Brown Ale 5.1% ABV 21 IBU

Sometimes you’re a nut. Sometimes you’re sweet. So, sometimes you’re a ‘honey nut’…which is what our brown ale is: a malty, nutty brown ale that’s extremely drinkable for no matter what you feel like being that day.

Brewhouse #6
Euro-Pils 4.3% ABV 17 IBU

A Euro Style Pilsner. Easy drinking but with a nice dynamic. Our House Beer named after Old Firehouse #6.

Prime In
Pale Ale 5% ABV 40 IBU

Get ready by priming in to this Pale! Traditional American Pale with floral notes and hints of lemon and grapefruit. High drinkability, getting you ready for whatever awaits

Seasonal / Specialty / Guest

Ammo Bocks
Dunkles Bock 6.3% ABV 27 IBU

A dunkles bock style is more rare in the US. The style is similar but lighter in ABV and flavor than a Dopplebock. It has toasty notes with subtle hints of caramel and toffee. AND fun fact... this beer is part of our 'Bearly There' series as it is crafted to reduce gluten.

various various ABV various IBU

Specialty ales are those that don’t fit our normal set of year-round or seasonal brews. While not as royally rare as our limited series, these sure don’t last long either. Please visit our taproom and/or social media for our current selection.

various various ABV various IBU

Our Limited series are "royalty" because they are made in very limited quantities and are not often released so once they are gone, they are gone! Please visit our taproom and/or social media for our current selection.

Meriwether Cider
Blackberry Boom various ABV

Their most popular brand to make cider drinkers happy everywhere!

Cinder Wines
Red various ABV
Cinder Wines
White various ABV

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