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In case you’re curious about what we have on tap, we’ve got you covered!

Pale Ale 6% ABV 40 IBU

Fuse is our twist on a pale ale. It is intended to "ignite" your appetite and should be paired with savory foods such as BBQ, Pizza, Burgers, or even a steak and potato dinner. It is gently hopped with jalapeños.

Idaho® Potato Ale
IPA 6.7% ABV 72 IBU

This IPA style is proudly made with the addition of actual Idaho® Russet Potatoes! We use them and specialty hops to make this brew unique, flavorful, and not overly bitter but well balanced and drinkable. It is another great way to enjoy Idaho's staple...in a pint!

Bearfaced Brown
Honey-Nut Brown Ale 5.1% ABV 21 IBU

Sometimes you’re a nut. Sometimes you’re sweet. So, sometimes you’re a ‘honey nut’…which is what our brown ale is: a malty, nutty brown ale that’s extremely drinkable for no matter what you feel like being that day.

Brewhouse #6
Euro-Pils 4.3% ABV 17 IBU

A Euro Style Pilsner. Easy drinking but with a nice dynamic. Our House Beer named after Old Firehouse #6.

Locks of Gold
Spring Blend 5% ABV 15 IBU

This ale is where we took the two best styles for spring and converged them into one. Meet your first Hefeweizen Cream Ale. It is very light and drinkable with a nice creamy finish.

Lord Mor
Scotch Ale 7.3% ABV 28 IBU

Our version of a scotch style ale, brewed with brown sugar, black currants and heather tips. Mr. John Mor, our Irish relative married Robert the Bruce's niece...giving us our Scottish heritage.

Tripel Tater
Belgian Tripel 8.2% ABV 21 IBU

A traditional Belgian Tripel style with the addition of 3 varieties of Idaho Potatoes (Russet, Red, and Yukon gold). Dry-hopped with Comet to add a subtle lemon hit that would normally be offer by coriander (but our brewer is allergic to coriander!).

Couch Potato
IIPA 8.6% ABV 82 IBU

Our version of an IIPA (Imperial Idaho Potato Ale); A Juicy imperial with lemon notes and New Zealand Pacific Jade hops.

Cucumber Kolsch 4.9% ABV 15 IBU

A kolsch made with REAL cucumbers! With high drinkability it's very 'smashable' for those hotter days.

Locks of Gold W/ A TWIST
Radler Hefeweizen 5.0 ABV 15 IBU

We took our Locks of Gold Hefeweizen and added fresh lemon and lime peel!

Extra Special Bear
ESB (English Pub Ale) 5.1% ABV 47 IBU

Made in the tradition of the original ESB style, which is an English Pub Ale, this has notes of slight roast, chocolate, toffee and balanced malt bitterness.

Steady the Sea
Schwarzbier 4.3% ABV 20 IBU

"Schwarzbier" means 'black beer' in German - however it is only slightly dark...it is surprisingly light tasting with high drinkability. Released in a time where we patiently wait for the sea to steady.

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