Frequently Asked Questions

What is your location and hours?

We are proudly located in the Old Firehouse #6 on Fairview ave and Liberty Street in Boise (1620 N Liberty St, Boise, ID 83704).  It’s just off the Curtis Exit, across from Zamzows and down the street from Flying Pie Pizza.  Our hours are currently:

Sun Closed for Pints & Prayers
Mon-Thur 4pm-9pm
Fri-Sat 2pm-10pm

Come visit us soon!

What's on tap right now?

See our current menu of what we are pouring here:

All To-go Options

Do we do to-go’s?…Yes!! Here’s what we do:

+Growlers (32oz, 64oz, 128oz)
+Crowlers (16 oz Cans filled on site)
+Kegs for events (based on current inventory, please see our off-site event FAQ)

*We are unable to provide our kegs for personal kegerators at this time as we need our kegs back in a more timely fashion (to clean them and put more beer in them). 🙂

Do you allow Kids and/or Dogs?

For our first year and half, we did not meet the brewery exception law to allow kids, thus no one under 21 was allowed at our facility as per Idaho Law.  Now we have the brewery in place, BUT due to the nature of our business and to continue to provide a safe and comfortable environment,  we do not allow dogs or anyone under the age of 21 inside our facility.  We do allow well-behaved kids and dogs on a leash on the patio only.  (Legitimate service dogs are of course allowed inside).

***There was a lot of time and research into updating our policies, please respect them and plan accordingly when you visit us.  Thanks!

Do you serve food?

Yes!  Currently we work with local food trucks but are planning to launch an in-house kitchen Aug 2021.  Please check our current Happenings (events and food) schedule here:
**Please note that if we do not have food scheduled you are more than welcome to BYO or call in delivery.

I have 2 charges on my account, did you double charge me?

No!…. We have an awesome system that starts a tab with a ‘pre-authorization’ on your bank account (proving that you have that amount in it). You will see your actual charge post and the ‘pending’ pre-authorization will go away. Some banks take 3-5 business days to do so, but most often it is very quickly…if you need it cleared sooner, please call your bank to have those settings adjusted.

This preauthorization gives us the ability to hold a tab without keeping your card. It also protects us to charge it if someone walks out…or like some of our regulars like to do…when it is busy you can just flag us to close it out and leave.
**We only charge a 20% gratuity for tabs left open, unless you instruct us otherwise.

Thank you for your understanding and please contact us if you have any further questions.

Who do I contact for charitable donations?

We love to support our community and do so whenever possible, but please realize that we get contacted daily for donations. Thus please follow our procedure for these types of requests:

See our donation policy and request form here:

Event Requests

AT BEAR ISLAND: Our event space is now taken up by the brewery!!!  Thus, we have outdoor space that can be reserved to accommodate large groups (20-90 people).
For smaller groups, we can sanction off some tables in the bar area.

We just need a heads up to be able to have enough staff scheduled and to prepare your area  Please use our ‘contact us form’ to give us the date, time, amount of people, and any special requests.

**If your group is smaller than 12 people, please come ahead to save a few tables.


EVENTS OFF SITE: Events are awesome! However, they do take planning and at least 3-4 weeks notice if you want us to be there to participate. Please use our contact form to send us the following information:
+Type of event
+Location, Date and Time
+Specifics of what you are asking Bear Island to provide (kegs only, kegs and party pump, kegs with bar service, full setup with bar service)

*If you are selling alcohol at this event and your location is not already permitted for consumption of alcohol on site, we legally have to go through a permit process through the city (catering permit). We will need a drawing of the premise (where alcohol will be served) and a copy of the facility’s occupancy license. This process usually takes about 2 weeks to process.

**If your event is for charity and you are requesting a donation, please go through our donation procedure.

PLEASE NOTE that we never host or participate in events that could be construed as political in nature.

Are you hiring?

While we do not have any specific positions that we are hiring for currently, we are always looking to grow. Thus if you feel you would be a great addition to our team, please drop off your resume or send it in here: Email

Where do you brew the beer?

We started this entire operation in our 2-car garage at our home in west Boise.  We brewed there for 5.5 years and still have small tanks for specialty brews only.  As of June 2020, we upgraded and are brewing out of ol’ Firehouse #6 (or as we like to call it “Brewhouse #6) on an awesome custom system by Specific Mechanical.  We are still very small but this gives the ability to expand our operations and serve our nearby community.

Is Idaho Potato Ale (IPA) Gluten free? Are any of your beers?

No, Idaho® Potato Ale is not Gluten Free because it is still made with barley.

Technically none of our brews can be called ‘gluten free’ because they all are made with barley.  We have 2 “Gluten Reduced” brews that we have had much success with: “BrewHouse#6” and “Ammo Bocks”)

It says "Veteran Owned" - What service were you in and what did you do?

Beth and Steve are proud US NAVY Veterans that served as EOD technicians (Explosive Ordnance Disposal).   Everyone who works at Bear Island is either a veteran or related to one!