Frequently Asked Questions

What is your location and hours?

We are proudly located in the Old Firehouse #6 on Fairview ave and Liberty Street in Boise (1620 N Liberty St, Boise, ID 83704).  It’s just off the Curtis Exit, across from Zamzows and down the street from Flying Pie Pizza.  Our hours are currently:

Sun-Mon Closed
Tues-Thur 4pm-8pm
Fri-Sat 2pm-8pm

Come visit us soon!

Do you allow Kids and/or Dogs?

We do not yet meet the brewery exception law to allow kids, thus no one under 21 is allowed at our facility as per Idaho Law.  We do allow well-behaved dogs on a leash on the patio.  (Legitimate service dogs are of course allowed inside).

Do you have food?

Yes!  We regularly have local food trucks that park here.  Please check our current food truck schedule here:

Can I reserve event space for a large party?

Our event space is free to use but is on a first come-first serve basis and must meet specific criteria to include a minimum of 30 people. We require a contract be signed (reviewing our policies and Idaho Law) and a security deposit be put down the day of the event.   If you have a much smaller party, we can accommodate it in our taproom or on the patio and may reserve a few tables.  Please contact us for further inquiries.  Thanks!

What's on tap right now?

See our current menu of what we are pouring here:

Where do you brew the beer?

Currently we are in our 2-car garage at our home in west Boise.  Yes, we may be small, but we have proudly been serving Idaho for 5 years!  We have over 130 accounts in the treasure valley that carry us on tap or in bottles with more added each day! (If you’d like to see us on tap at your nearest watering hole please recommend that the bar manager contact us)

When will you brew at the firehouse location?

This is a loaded question as we do not have a specific date.  There is a lot of planning and red tape to getting this accomplished, but we assure you that we are on it!  Every pint helps us towards this goal, so bottoms up!  Cheers!

**Update: The new custom brewhouse is being produced right now!… North American made by Specific Mechanical Systems**  Steve and Beth will go visit said system before completion early 2020 to verify quality before it ships to Boise and installation begins. One large step forward.

Who do I contact for charitable donations?

We love to support our community and will do so whenever possible, but please realize that we get contacted daily for donations.

See our donation policy and request form here:

Are you hiring?

Not currently, but still feel free to send in your resume as we are always on the lookout for great people!

Is Idaho Potato Ale (IPA) Gluten free? Are any of your beers?

No, Idaho® Potato Ale is not Gluten Free because it is still made with barley.

Technically none of our brews can be called ‘gluten free’ because they all are made with barley.  We have 2 “Gluten Reduced” brews that we have had much success with: “BrewHouse#6” and “Ammo Bocks”)

It says ``Veteran Owned`` - What service were you in and what did you do?

Beth and Steve are proud US NAVY Veterans that served as EOD technicians (Explosive Ordnance Disposal).   Everyone who works at Bear Island is either a veteran or related to one!