About Bear Island Brewing

Proud to be:

  • Veteran owned
  • Local, native family operated


We started out of our humble 2-car garage, so as of now we do not have a taproom. However we are working diligently towards one in the near future. If you’d like to support us, please visit the Bear Hunter section to see where you can get us on tap and follow our social media to check out our upcoming events. Thanks!


Beth Bechtel (Westover)
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Brewing Officer
Boise Native, Veteran Navy EOD

Steve Bechtel
Chief Operations Officer & Lead Brewing Officer
Veteran Navy EOD

Mike Westover
Chief Financial Officer
Boise Native
“Papa Bear”

Miriam Westover
Community Brand Ambassador
Boise Native
“Mama Bear”

Christian Westover
Boise Native
“Brother Bear”

Pyra Bechtel

A special thank you to all of those who are not listed that constantly offer their support of our little brewery. We cannot express how blessed and thankful we are for you (you know who you are), Cheers to you all!

Why the name, Bear Island?

Once Upon a time in Cascade, Idaho; the Westover family was enjoying time at their to-be cabin site (aka staying in tents while building the family cabin). Being surrounded by wilderness, the children nervously asked their parents about the possibility of running into a bear. The parents told their children that when Cascade Reservoir freezes over in the winter, all of the bears go out to the island in the middle to hibernate. And when they wake up in the spring, the lake is thawed out and they are stuck out there! Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of the bears because they are all on “Bear Island.” We have affectionately used this name for the island ever since and now have proudly named our brewery after it.