Beers Overview

Unfiltered. Unconventional. Unmatched. Checkout what’s pouring below!

Year Round

  • Fuse


    Style: Pale Ale
    ABV: 6%
    IBUs: 40

    Fuse is our twist on a pale ale. It is intended to "ignite" your appetite and should be paired with savory foods such as BBQ, Pizza, Burgers, or even a steak and potato dinner. It is gently hopped with jalapeños.

  • Idaho® Potato Ale

    Idaho® Potato Ale

    Style: IPA
    ABV: 6.7%
    IBUs: 72

    This IPA style is proudly made with the addition of actual Idaho® Russet Potatoes! We use them and specialty hops to make this brew unique, flavorful, and not overly bitter but well balanced and drinkable. It is another great way to enjoy Idaho's a pint!

  • Bearfaced Brown

    Bearfaced Brown

    Style: Honey-Nut Brown Ale
    ABV: 5.1%
    IBUs: 21

    Sometimes you’re a nut. Sometimes you’re sweet. So, sometimes you’re a ‘honey nut’…which is what our brown ale is: a malty, nutty brown ale that’s extremely drinkable for no matter what you feel like being that day.

  • Brewhouse #6

    Style: Euro-Pils
    ABV: 4.3%
    IBUs: 17

    A Euro Style Pilsner. Easy drinking but with a nice dynamic. Our House Beer named after Old Firehouse #6.


  • In Season
    Locks of Gold

    Locks of Gold

    Style: Spring Blend
    ABV: 5%
    IBUs: 15

    This ale is where we took the two best styles for spring and converged them into one. Meet your first Hefeweizen Cream Ale. It is very light and drinkable with a nice creamy finish.

  • In Season
    Kolsch Royale

    Kolsch Royale

    Style: Honey-Lavender Kolsch
    ABV: 4.9%
    IBUs: 15

    This beer is exactly what it claims to be: A nice kolsch with notes of honey and lavender. Proudly made with "Super Blue" lavender from our friends at Red Chair Lavender in Eagle, ID

  • In Season
    Ammo Bocks

    Ammo Bocks

    Style: Dunkles Bock
    ABV: 6.3%
    IBUs: 27

    A dunkles bock style is more rare in the US. The style is similar but lighter in ABV and flavor than a Dopplebock. It has toasty notes with subtle hints of caramel and toffee. AND fun fact... this beer is part of our 'Bearly There' series as it is crafted to reduce gluten.

  • In Season
    Christmas in Your Mouth

    Christmas in Your Mouth

    Style: Winter Warmer
    ABV: 7.0%
    IBUs: 26

    The description is literally in the name as it is a dark colored winter warmer with wonderful hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. Enjoy!


  • Specialty


    Style: various
    ABV: various
    IBUs: various

    Specialty ales are those that don’t fit our normal set of year-round or seasonal brews. While not as royally rare as our limited series, these sure don’t last long either.

  • Lord Mor

    Lord Mor

    Style: Scotch Ale
    ABV: 7.3%
    IBUs: 28

    Our version of a scotch style ale, brewed with brown sugar, black currants and heather tips. Mr. John Mor, our Irish relative married Robert the Bruce's us our Scottish heritage.

  • Jerkeweizen


    Style: Jerk spiced Hefe
    ABV: 5.0%
    IBUs: 17 IBU

    A hefeweizen ale brewed with Jamaican Jerk spices. Brewed in collaboration with Old Chicago.

  • Tripel Tater

    Tripel Tater

    Style: Belgian Tripel
    ABV: 8.2%
    IBUs: 21

    A traditional Belgian Tripel style with the addition of 3 varieties of Idaho Potatoes (Russet, Red, and Yukon gold). Dry-hopped with Comet to add a subtle lemon hit that would normally be offer by coriander (but our brewer is allergic to coriander!).

  • Schokolade


    Style: Milk Stout
    ABV: 7%
    IBUs: 22

    A German chocolate milk stout based off of Grandma's cake recipe and brewed in collaboration with The Growler Guys Meridian for American Craft Beer Week and their 2 year anniversary party! Very Subtle notes of coconut, vanilla and chocolate.

  • Arrowrock Red

    Arrowrock Red

    Style: Idaho Red
    ABV: 5%
    IBUs: 20

    A traditional Irish red style called an "Idaho Red" because it's brewed with Idaho red potatoes.

  • Summer Spud

    Summer Spud

    Style: Orange Session IPA
    ABV: 4.2%
    IBUs: 39

    Our original summer seasonal, but now a little more scarce.

  • Idaho Potato Lager

    Idaho Potato Lager

    Style: IPL
    ABV: 5.1%
    IBUs: 56

    Our twist on an IPL Style (India Pale Lager). This beer, while clean tasting is hop forward, unfiltered/hazy, and proudly brewed with the addition of famous Idaho Potatoes. It is **specially crafted to reduce gluten.** In collaboration with Riverside Hotel/Sandbar and The Idaho Potato Commission in celebration of National Potato Day 2017. 5.1% ABV, 56 IBU.

  • Couch Potato

    Couch Potato

    Style: IIPA
    ABV: 8.6%
    IBUs: 82

    Our version of an IIPA (Imperial Idaho Potato Ale); A Juicy imperial with lemon notes and New Zealand Pacific Jade hops.

  • Hop Smoke

    Hop Smoke

    Style: RyePA
    ABV: 7.5%
    IBUs: 65

    A special collaboration with Hilltop station for the fresh hop season! A nicely balanced RyePA with subtle malt sweetness and subtle smoke from us taking the wet hops and smoking them before adding them to the batch. Unique and flavorful!

  • Carriage Ride

    Carriage Ride

    Style: Imperial Belgian Pumpkin
    ABV: 10.4%
    IBUs: 37

    A lovely Imperial Belgian ale with a nice autumn touch that is based on our Grandma's pumpkin cookie recipe. **Made with local pie pumpkins from our Friends at Wagner Farms in Meridian, ID.

  • CucumBear


    Style: Cucumber Kolsch
    ABV: 4.9%
    IBUs: 15

    A kolsch made with REAL cucumbers! With high drinkability it's very 'smashable' for those hotter days.



    Style: varies
    ABV: varies
    IBUs: high!

    Each year we go out to our local hop farms and handpick hops fresh! They go into our Idaho Potato Ale IPA and usually another fun one for the season. Look for these at harvest time (Sept-Oct). Cheers!


  • Limited


    Style: various
    ABV: various
    IBUs: various

    Our Limited series are 6.3%"royalty" because they are made in very limited quantities and are not often released so once they are gone, they are gone!

  • Anniversary Ale II

    Anniversary Ale II

    Style: "Huckle-cherry" Sour
    ABV: 7.9%
    IBUs: 10

    Limited Series: A dark sour made for our 2nd anniversary. Aged for 5 months on cherry wood with local huckleberries, pie cherries and Brett. Dry hopped with Citra.

  • Lady M

    Lady M

    Style: Imperial Lavender Chocolate Stout
    ABV: 9.8%
    IBUs: 44

    Limited Series: Don't be fooled, you may mistake her as harmless because of her seemingly sweet disposition, but she is mighty and commands respect. Winter has come... are you ready for hibernation? *Proudly made with local Red Chair Lavender.

  • Oud BearFaced

    Oud BearFaced

    Style: Oud Bruin Sour blend
    ABV: 6.3%
    IBUs: 11

    A 3:1 blend of our Anniversary II 'Hucklecherry' sour and our BearFaced Brown ale. Blended especially for Payette's Aura Sour Fest April 2017.

  • Anniversary Ale MK III

    Anniversary Ale MK III

    Style: HuckleBlack sour
    ABV: 7.6%
    IBUs: 9.7

    A dark "HuckleBlack" sour aged on cherry wood with the addition of Idaho Huckleberries and Blackberries. Made 6 months ago for release on our 3 year Anniversary on Small Business Saturday, Nov 25, 2017.